A guide to organizations providing free hotel rooms.

Free Hotel Rooms

If you need free hotel accommodation for a limited period of time, some of the groups featured here may be able to assist you. They can provide free hotel rooms under certain circumstances - saving you the expense of booking hotel accommodation when you have to travel for treatment.

Angel Rooms

Angel Rooms provides free hotel accommodation for sick children and their families. It was started in Boston, MA, later expanded to support Montreal in Canada and continues to slowly add rooms in other cities. The aim of the organization is to act as a free 'broker', matching companies with corporate apartments or hotel rooms located near major hospitals with a sick child who is away from home, undergoing life saving medical treatment, who can benefit from a hotel room that would otherwise go empty.


Hospitality For Family & Friends

Founded by two cancer survivors, who realized how fortunate they were to be surrounded by family and friends during their treatment periods, Hospitality for Family and Friends (HFFF) was set up to enable other patients to enjoy the same therapeutic benefits of love and support. Numerous studies have proven that response to treatment is much greater when a patient has the support of family and friends. HFFF provide free hotel accommodation for cancer patients, or their visitors, who are attending New York City cancer centers for treatment, second opinion, diagnosis or next day scheduled treatment - as long as there is financial need. Further details are available at the website, given below.


The Yellow Ribbon Fund

The Yellow Ribbon Fund was created in early 2005 to assist injured service members and their families while they recuperate at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Bethesda Naval Hospital. Contributions made through the Yellow Ribbon Fund has provided free hotel rooms and accommodation in their five apartments for thousands of nights.




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